19 Inch Rack Case Vs. Rotomolded Case Which solution is better for me?

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Mlilitary Aluminum19 Inch Rack Mount Cases

In many mass-equipped tactical areas and project the system manager / project manager is highly dedicated in the software / computing hardware but casing issue is far from his practical knowledge.

So, we’re here to help you figure what is your best solution for your 19 Inch Rack Case.

Weather proof:

1-0 for 19 Inch Aluminum Rack mount case.

Vandal proof:

2-0 for 19″ Aluminum Rack mount case.

“Plug & Play” connections

In a lot of project that We ran throw the years, costumer demand was “plug & play” – Mil type connections on the front / rear door.

3-0 for 19″ Aluminum Rack mount case.

Accessories instillation

In many cases, there is a “bad guy” that mass the party – strong / high-heating computing device that need a special ventilation.

4-0 for 19″ Aluminum Rack-mount case.

Hope we define your needs clearly, and to give you the ability to choose your 19″ Rack-mounted case / Tactical communication case.
For any needs / solution advices, we’re here.
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