About Us

Our story starts in 1988, when data, communication and technologies started to act.

Mr. Uri Levy a young high-skilled Israel Air force previous technical chief opened REOUEL Group LTD.

REOUEL Group started from first idea, as Data & Telecommunication solutions provider by first release in Israel young tech market the first Fiber optic solutions and first cabling systems in Israel Market.


Throw the years, with various project in high-density and tactical environmental spaces, Mr. Uri and his skilled team was first to respond Israel Ruggedized Home-made 19″ Aluminum Tactical case for military proposes.


After introducing to Israel main rugged applications and testing by the most difficult areas, RE.OU.EL Group achieved the knowledge and the skills to reach throw all new world – the International market.


MILRACK (Subsidiary of REOUEL Group LTD) was built from our passion – passion for modularity, passion to achieve the unknown – Where all other fails – We are coming alive.


MILRACK contain 30 years of field, special and dedicated hardware knowledge, mechanical dedicated skills that are full optimized to deliver our customers worldwide the best-ruggedized platforms.


MILRACK is opened to every challenge, every high-level specification to help you throw your needs.


MILRACK – Your Ruggedized Partner

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