milrack Electronic Packaging manufacturer


Milrack established in 1987.

The company manufacturing ruggedized, tactical, ergonomic and high computing supported solutions for C4isr in naval and land domains.

Milrack provides 360 degrees supporting platforms includes main and critical solutions on system side and on UI side.
Milrack team includes high skilled engineering teams in the fields of: mechanical, electrical, electronics, environmental testing and analysis.
Milrack using the latest 3D modeling softwares and integrating the most cutting-edge technologies in her product line.

Why choosing Milrack solutions?

  • Full modularity and connectivity – All Milrack products are full modular, made to serve various technologies and platforms with easy installation steps.
    • All Milrack products are full connected to the last cutting-edge computing, communication, A/V technologies for today defense and military domains.
  • Slim & RUGGEDIZED – All Milrack products are engineered and built to serve for decades with slim design, and maximum capacity – the real estate today in vessel, submarine, mobile shelter is expensive and we need to provide MAXIMUM capacity with MINIMUM dimensions.
  • Customization adaptive – All Milrack products were built for any customization required from customer side without heavy changes, high NRE costs.

So simple to make any change needed!


MILRACK (Subsidiary of REOUEL Group LTD) was built from our passion – passion for modularity, passion to achieve the unknown – Where all other fails – We are coming alive.


MILRACK contain 30 years of field, special and dedicated hardware knowledge, mechanical dedicated skills that are full optimized to deliver our customers worldwide the best-ruggedized platforms.



Your Ruggedized Partner

Milrack welcomes any challenge, SOW or need to provide the ultimate solution.