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Atlas Elektronik and Reouel Group

Atlas Electronik, a ThyssenKrupp Subsidiary, signed an agreement with Reouel Group for Cutting-Edge Submarine Equipment

Atlas Electronik

Atlas Electronik, a prominent player in maritime technology and a subsidiary of the esteemed German industrial engineering and steel production conglomerate ThyssenKrupp, has recently entered into a groundbreaking agreement with the Israeli company Reouel Group. The agreement, valued at millions of dollars, marks a significant milestone in the collaboration between the two entities and underscores their commitment to advancing state-of-the-art submarine technology.

Reouel Group

Under the terms of the contract, Reouel Group will be the exclusive supplier of advanced operator consoles for various submarine systems. The comprehensive agreement encompasses the design, manufacturing, and delivery of these cutting-edge consoles, solidifying Reouel’s position as a leading provider of innovative solutions in computing, communication, and multimedia for both naval and terrestrial environments.

With over 35 years of experience, Reouel has earned a distinguished reputation for producing complex military systems. The company’s expertise lies in developing consoles that function as monitoring and control stations, providing submarine operators with swift and efficient access to advanced computing solutions critical for their operations.

Atlas Electronik, as the maritime technology division of ThyssenKrupp, will play a pivotal role in supporting Reouel Group’s expansion into new international markets. This collaboration not only enhances the capabilities of both companies but also positions them as trailblazers in the global maritime products industry.

Ido Ophir, CEO of ThyssenKrupp Israel, expressed the company’s commitment to a significant long-term investment plan in Israel. The strategic alliance with Reouel Group aligns with ThyssenKrupp’s vision for growth and innovation in the region.

Almog Levi, Vice President of Sales at Reouel Group, lauded the partnership with Atlas Electronik and commended the classified end user of the consoles. Levi emphasized that this collaboration not only enhances the prestige of their connection but also establishes their collective position as a global leader in the maritime products industry.

The synergy between Atlas Electronik and Reouel Group is poised to drive advancements in submarine technology, offering solutions that meet the evolving needs of naval operations. The commitment to excellence and innovation shared by both companies positions them as key contributors to the global maritime landscape.

Atlas Elektronik
Atlas Elektronik

Atlas Electronik

Atlas Electronics is the maritime technology division of ThyssenKrupp, dedicated to advancing cutting-edge solutions in submarine technology. With a focus on innovation and excellence, Atlas Electronik plays a pivotal role in ThyssenKrupp’s commitment to shaping the future of the maritime industry.

Reouel Group
Reouel Group

Reouel Group

Reouel Group is a leading Israeli company specializing in solutions for computing, communication, and multimedia, with over 35 years of experience in developing complex military systems for naval and terrestrial environments. The company’s advanced operator consoles are at the forefront of technology, enabling efficient monitoring and control in critical operations.



ThyssenKrupp is a global industrial engineering and steel production conglomerate with a rich history of innovation and a commitment to sustainable solutions. The company’s diverse portfolio spans various industries, with a focus on driving progress and shaping the future of technology and manufacturing.

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