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Choosing A Cabinet For a Secure Communication System In a Frigate

choosing a cabinet for a secure communication system. Maritime communication systems are advancing at a dizzying pace.
The amount of hardware in the frigate increases and the area for the communication cabinets does not increase.
I chose to prepare this article in order to try to sort out how to choose a ruggedized computing and communication cabinet in a marine environment

Compliance With Environmental Conditions

Compliance with environmental conditions – Ruggedized 19-inches racks are required to withstand extremely difficult environmental conditions tests; The project manager must choose a cabinet that successfully meets the parameters. The ruggedized communications and server rack from Milrack has successfully passed the MIL-STD-167A vibration test.

Low Engineering Costs

Try to choose the ruggedized communication cabinet and servers, an off-the-shelf product with the ability to adapt to the needs of the project quickly and at low costs.
The ruggedized communications and server cabinet from Milrack allows engineering changes to be made very quickly, including the adjustment of: I/O Panels, special shelves, sliding systems, air conditioning systems and more.

Compact Structure

Usually, communication rooms on vessels are crowded and lack space to install the required hardware


Easy Installation of Accessories

Data communication cabinet in the frigate includes many accessories, including – PDU, shelves, communication systems, computing, A/V.

The ruggedized communication and server cabinet from Milrack includes a unique innovative aluminum profile that allows easy installation of accessories.

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