Full Rugged 19 Inches Cabinet – Why Is Good For Me?

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Rugged Cabinet

In this article, we will take the rugged cabinet and We will try to see why we need it and for which environments It is suitable.
Tactical racks are made specially for tough enviroments and for high-density spaces that need to maximize the computing and network communication abilities and most of the times in very small spaces.

Rugged Cabinet for Tough Environments

So let’s start from the first definition mentioned – tough environments:
Naval rugged rack – In the naval environment, we will take an IP54 at least, with special electro-static coat doubled and finished with polyester.


Aluminum / Stainless steel 316L (recommended for salted areas) but need to define specific because stainless steel 316L cabinets are heavier in 100%.
The cabinet most of the times will be absorbed on rear side and on bottom, and the absorbers for the rack must be with qualified analysis from authorized lab.
19-inch Naval rack is defined to last for decades on missile ships without any technical repairing. So be aware what kind of rugged products you are buying.


EMI / RFI – on upon request / project demand. Most of the naval projects are with EMI / RFI compliance need. (For example: Sonar amplifiers cabinets).
Shelter / SUV communication cabinet – This situation is bit similar but more dangerous.