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Hey Commander! Let’s choose hardware for your rugged console

How to choose hardware in our rugged console

When we (as Mechanical / System engineers) choose our rugged console, we need to achieve full success by choosing the optimal hardware for our application. Firstly, before choosing the hardware, we need to define the environment that our workstation is dealing with:
  • Sea / Naval proposes: We will choose full MIL-STD-167A compliance & IP-65 at least for electronic & computing in our rugged consoles. (MIL-STD-810G is advantage*)
  • Ground proposes: We will define “Ground Proposes” for two sections: Shelter / long vehicle or Tactical Suv.
  • Shelter / long vehicle: In this case, most of the time, we will choose strong hardware before slim dimensions.
  • Tactical SUV’S (Land-cruiser, Savana, Patrol): We will choose the best hardware that can achieve for us computing skills with best dimensions as can.

Dive into hardware types

After choosing type of environment, we will “dive” into the hardware by starting from top of the console, inside and down.
  • Rugged Monitors: Whether to choose 1 / 2 / 3 rugged monitors in our workstation. We will choose the sizes, resolution and brightness.
    • Sizes: 19 – 24″ is preferred and working today at most of the apps.
    • Resolution: Do not compromise on resolution! 1920 X 1080 is necessary.
    • Brightness: Depend on your application. Need strong brightness? 1000cd/m2 is necessary..
Rugged Consoles Workstations-side
  • Panel pc*: If you are dealing with mass screens that running in your app, We highly recommend to work with 10″-12.1″ rugged panel pc. It can also work as virtual keyboard.
  • Computing: Define your app & computing needs. Following questions are must:
    • Processing abilities: i3? I5? i7? One pc in console base? Two?
    • Ram: 8 / 16 / 32GB? Separated computers that will give me the total ram I need. (for ex: 8X2 / 16X2GB).
    •  SSD / HDD: SLC SSD is big advantage in tactical proposes.
    • Inputs & outputs: depend on monitors needs and communication proposes (HDMI, VGA, VOICE, RJ-45 – Gigabit is advantage). Tactical inputs & outputs are must in rough environments.
  • Ventilation / cooling / heating: We will discuss on heating and cooling thermal solutions widely in next article dedicated for it. AC/DC fans in uncooled environment can help the system downgrade some degrees.
Keyboard: choosing keyboard is based on software structure and engineering. If keyboard is needed we are highly recommend full IP-67 keyboard made from stainless steel in sea proposes (for anti-corrosion). In other situations, silicon / plastic keyboard are fine. But be aware! They need to survive harsh environments. Track-ball / mouse pad: Based on system configuration as well. We recommend to choose the optimal size of the Track-ball – Small for simple mouse proposes, medium for average proposes, big for accurate needs. rugged consoles workstations keyboard
  • Speakers: Your application making some noise? Great, define how strong you need your speakers! IP-65 at least is must, full IP-67 is big advantage! Choose your speakers wisely, cheap speakers are weak survivors.
rugged consoles workstations speaker

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