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How To Choose A Rugged C4i Operator Console?

The right choice:

How to choose a rugged C4I operator console for a ship, submarine or any other vessel?

In this article, we will lay out for you key advantages and the considerations in choosing a hardened operator’s station for a ship, submarine or any vessel.

The article was written by experts from the industry, who have seniority, experience and reputation in the worlds of marine systems.

After many projects and programs, we chose to share with you the reasons for choosing an MFC operator console from a certain manufacturer.

As you know, a ship and a submarine are characterized by very small spaces, lots of narrow corridors and certainly where the operator’s consoles sit on the ship.
It is the responsibility of the project manager who provides the systems to choose an operator console that can be mounted in any space and that can pass through any corridor.

As we mentioned above, submarines and vessels have narrow corridors and small spaces. As a result, light tools should be used and not welding or heavy tools and aids.

Choose the manufacturer of the stands that gives you the fastest installation ability, with the help of easy tools and in the fastest time. It also saves you quite a bit of money.

Although this is section 3, there is no doubt that for most projects and programs this is the most important section. Choose the supplier that manages to show the largest amount of projects with the most difficult environmental conditions and the successful compliance with them over time.

Compliance with environmental conditions in laboratory tests allow the customer to understand who he is dealing with

In the past, operator consoles used dedicated edge hardware developed over many years when maintenance and service for them cost a fortune.
Today, there are many off-the-shelf hardware alternatives and no dedicated development is required for a specific project.

Choose a manufacturer who’s electronic, computing and communication components are off-the-shelf products only.

In the past, the end hardware was very massive and required a bulky and large operator console.

Today, the end hardware has shrunk, remained strong and “thin” and therefore it is possible to build an operator console with a delicate appearance, thin and still hardened and resistant to the necessary environmental conditions.

Also, the slim C4I operator console allows installation in small spaces.

Rugged C4i Operator Console For A Ship, Submarine Or Any Other Vessel
Rugged C4i Operator Console For A Ship, Submarine Or Any Other Vessel

In Conclusion

Choosing a hardened MFC operator console for a sailing vessel, ship or submarine or not is a trivial matter.
It is necessary to use judgment on the subject, to choose the manufacturer that gives all the above capabilities in one product.

We forgot to mention, apart from everything listed above, choose the manufacturer with the global distribution, reputation, and experience in the maritime field.

Good Luck With Your Choice.

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