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How to choose a Ruggedized Rack for a mobile control shelter

A rugged communication and computing cabinet contain the core of the military c4isr system. Therefore, it is the project manager’s responsibility to choose the most suitable cabinet for the system. A communication cabinet with wire rope shock absorbers can come in any size or shape.

Engineering flexibility.

A ruggedized communication cabinet in a mobile control shelter is required to be installed in very small spaces that require full engineering adaptation to the specific project.
Demand from the manufacturer a rugged base with a smart chassis on which to install various zero-u accessories such as: PDUs, specific hardware ventilation system, a work surface, deepening the cabinet by installing the 19″ arrangement on top of the chassis

Compliance with MIL-STD environmental conditions is essential when choosing a rugged computing cabinet.
Compliance with emi/rfi is required if the project need it.
There are certain projects where ip-65 resistance is even required.

The material from which a rugged C4I computing cabinet is made is Aluminum.
A rugged communication rack for C4ISR systems is required to be,
on the one hand, lightweight,
and on the other hand, resistant to environmental conditions

A rugged communication rack can be supplied with any required cooling technology,
Whether it is gas, water cooling, thermoelectric units, or unique ventilation systems.

In conclusion,

Choosing a rugged 19-inches C4I communication and computing rack and servers is not easy.

It is required to choose a cabinet with the highest engineering flexibility, the greatest structural strength and maximum hardware acceptance in the minimum space.
Choose the manufacturer with the richest experience in the field and the one that can offer diverse engineering solutions.

Ruggedized Rack for a mobile control shelter

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