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35 years of success in supplying rugged solutions to naval and land proposes. We share our knowledge. 

Product Update – Milrack is developing a new operator console that will replace the existing Tough247 series. Milrack, the defense brand from Reouel Group, plans

Tactical gear case for secure mobile communication – required capabilities. A secure communication system that is deployed during a military operation or during an experiment

User interface and its meaning in a rugged operator console for ships and mobile shelters: Overview To define how important the user interface is in

Portable 19 inches transit cases today serve many military systems – land, sea, and air. Inside the cases, hardened military and industrial systems are integrated

The right choice: How to choose a rugged C4I operator console for a ship, submarine or any other vessel? In this article, we will lay

A rugged communication and computing cabinet contain the core of the military c4isr system. Therefore, it is the project manager’s responsibility to choose the most