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A rugged communication and computing cabinet contain the core of the military c4isr system. Therefore, it is the project manager’s responsibility to choose the most

Ruggedized MFC operator console, Digitization in the armies and the defense systems have long since gone up a stage. All customers are looking for innovative,

So what is C4ISR?  it a very innovative concept that occupies a central place today in military and security systems.It is known that for many

Choosing A Mobile Aluminum Transit Case For A Military Communication System. The Abilities We Will Be Looking For: Resistant To The Environmental Conditions whether it

choosing a cabinet for a secure communication system. Maritime communication systems are advancing at a dizzying pace.The amount of hardware in the frigate increases and

Atlas Electronik, a ThyssenKrupp Subsidiary, signed an agreement with Reouel Group for Cutting-Edge Submarine Equipment Atlas Electronik Atlas Electronik, a prominent player in maritime technology