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Mobile Aluminum Transit Case For A Military Communication System.

Choosing A Mobile Aluminum Transit Case For A Military Communication System.

The Abilities We Will Be Looking For:

whether it is a ground system, a marine radio system, a military network system – choose the strongest system with the highest survivability.

  • A tactical case is tested by MIL-STD standards showing its ability to withstand the required shock, vibration and drop conditions.

a tactical case must be modular, accessible to engineering changes during the project and flexible to receive different hardware in the fields of communication, computing, servers.

  • In many systems in outdoor and mobile conditions there is an increase in the hardware and end equipment after the delivery of the project.
  • It is important to have the option of accepting the changes after the delivery of the military cases to the customer.

Mobile systems are required to be as light as possible. Choose a case that is tough and rugged on the one hand and lightweight on the other.

  • A tactical and ruggedized case should be carried by two soldiers at most

Choose a tactical case that stacks on top of each other in an easy and convenient way.

  • If the system needs to be moved from place to place a lot, you can add a modular caster board to the system.
  • The anchoring of the caster board is done by hardened dedicated anchors.

choose a sealed, hardened tactical case that is EMI/RFI resistant so that the communication will not go wrong in the field in an operational environment and/or in system testing.

military tactical case rugged
Military Rugged Tactical Cases

Milrack Military Supplier

Milrack is a supplier of unique tactical cases from ToughRack – Transit case with innovative and dedicated capabilities for mobile systems.

Milrack provides tactical cases in different sizes according to the customer’s needs, in different depths and in a combination of different cooling systems according to the needs.

The tactical cases from Milrack are used by many armies in Europe, the United States, Asia and more.

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Milrack is a manufacturer of ruggedized and industrial solutions in the command, control, communication and computing areas (C4i). The company has 35 years of experience, a rich background in military and defense programs.

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