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Portable 19 Inch Rack – Key Factors


In the tactical fields, while we stand and need to choose our 19-inches tactical case, there are some main factors that we need to approve on the product we choosing:

Factor #1 – weather-proof (“IP Index”)

Aluminum rack cases (most of the time) are dealing with extremely tough environmental situations (rain, dust, high temperatures).
For this rough situation, the tactical case that you are choosing should be full IP-65 and need to be guaranteed that water / dust will not get inside the case (most of the time the servers and communication equipment’s on the rack are very expensive).

Factor #2 – Material & coating

Material of the 19-inch portable rack need to be made from Aluminum.
Aluminum is light-weight and can achieve anti-corrosion abilities.
Coating is highly recommended to be with 3 layers and by electro-static final coat.

Factor #3 – EMI / RFI

If full EMI / RFI shield is needed, we are highly recommending to get rugged tactical rack with EMI / RFI gasket slot.

Factor #4 – Apply changes on near future

Rugged / mobilized solutions need to be flexible enough to have the ability to change internal accessories.
Choose the flexible as can solution and the best modular rugged rack you find.

Factor #5 – Supplier flexibilities

On the tactical communication / computing fields, all projects are having first start point but the project isn’t really will be finished on “OTS” solution.
That means – Choose and flexible supplier that can give you special and unique engineering abilities specially for your 19 inches portable rack.

Factor #6 – Qualifications & Standards

Work only with certified MIL-STD products (according to your application – naval, land, air) and ask from the supplier to give you the full third-party lab analysis.
4 points drop test (1.2-1.5M) on concrete is advantage.

Factor #7 – professional supplier

Rugged & tactical cases are made to last a dynamic and rough situation that are working on facts and not just on lab tests.
Choose the supplier that already made 10-15 projects on this field and that have the knowledge for climate needs and dealing with tactical environments.
19 inches portable racks are need to last for decades on extremely rough conditions.

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