Royal-Hawk Technical Furniture

Industrial and military command and control rooms have been a critical area that managing joint applications with multi-discipline technologies and systems. In these days, command workstations need to be with 24/7 ability, high finishes and strong with high MTBF.

Customized Solutions

Overview: Milrack is specialized in customized electronic packaging solutions, dedicated for the Defense, Security and HLS sectors. Milrack engineering team contain 15 skilled engineers from Mechanical, electrical and electronic worlds. Milrack have the ability to produce combined solutions, include electronic packaging housing, electrical & electronical assemblies and designing and manufacturing.

Tactical cases with A/C for short-range missiles vehicle

Overview: Issue to solve, was the hardware size against the available space that the client as on his vehicle (tactical vehicles known well by them small spaces availabilities).

Portable 19 Inch Rack – Key Factors

Overview: In the tactical fields, while we stand and need to choose our 19-inches tactical case, there are some main factors that we need to approve on the product we choosing:

UAV Operator Vehicle – Europe

MILRACK finished full integration includes ergonomic engineering in new UAV operator vehicles project.  In the project, MILRACK delivered 15 kits for famous UAV provider.

Full Rugged 19 Inches Cabinet – Why Is Good For Me?

In this article, we will take the rugged cabinet and We will try to see why we need it and for which environments It is suitable. Tactical racks are made specially for tough enviroments and for high-density spaces that need to maximize the computing and network communication abilities and most of the times in very […]

19 Inch Rack Case Vs. Rotomolded Case Which solution is better for me?

In many mass-equipped tactical areas and project the system manager / project manager is highly dedicated in the software / computing hardware but casing issue is far from his practical knowledge. So, we're here to help you figure what is your best solution for your 19 Inch Rack Case. Weather proof: Roto molded – single [...]

Hey Commander! Let’s choose hardware for your rugged console

How to choose hardware in our rugged console When we (as Mechanical / System engineers) choose our rugged console, we need to achieve full success by choosing the optimal hardware for our application. Firstly, before choosing the hardware, we need to define the environment that our workstation is dealing with: Sea / Naval proposes: We […]

Space is running out! How to get a Success With Your Tactical Communication / Computing area.

The Problem Military communication rooms in tactical areas are small (For ex: Naval ships, Tactical shelter, Tactical SUV, Airplane communication zone.) This problem will is here for decades and will stay as longer as computing will be increased (Average military 19″ rugged cabinet includes 10-15 military equipments that are critical for system survival and redundancy […]

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