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Rugged Operator Console User Interface

User interface and its meaning in a rugged operator console for ships and mobile shelters:


To define how important the user interface is in an operator’s console for a ship or a mobile container, let’s start by defining the concept.

User interface: The user interface (UI) is the point of human-computer interaction and communication in a device. This can include display screens, keyboards, trackballs, and the appearance of a desktop.

Through understanding the concept, we understand the way in which characterizing an operator console results in an optimal user interface and its connection to the user.

How Do We Define A Perfect User Interface In Mfc Operator Consoles?

Viewing Angles

Viewing angles in the C4I rugged operator console is extremely necessary. The viewing angles (in front of each screen) range from 0-30+ degrees for optimal use. Correct and optimal viewing angles affect comfort and user experience over time. Because the user sits for many hours in front of the console, it is necessary to fully adhere to these instructions.

HW Nearby

For perfect user experience and optimal user interface, When collecting and approve the HW in the work desk and near to it,

The developer should think how to put in the most convenient the following hardware:

User Interface Rugged Operator Console

Viewing Distance

The distance allows the prevention of headaches for the user, clear attention to details and comfort over time. Maintaining a viewing distance protects the operator’s eyes. Because the operator sits for many hours at the console, keep a proper and correct distance.

Angles Of Arms And Legs

Angles of arms and legs – 90 degrees, the hands should be close to the waist. It is desirable that the edge of the operator’s chair be curved. Keeping your posture and sitting angles affect the health of the operator’s body in the long run. Failure to observe these angles can cause physical injuries.

Work Desk Height And Legs Depth

  • Height: 72-75 cm from the floor.
  • Free legs depth: 40-50 cm.


These data determine how the operator sat in front of the console. the angle of the legs and the angle of the back. It is very important to adhere to these dimensions so that the operator sits ergonomically and correctly in front of the operator’s console.

Keyboard And Trackball Positioning

should be positioned when the arm ends and the palms work. Also, the keyboard and the trackball will be placed in a straight line with the palm and without an angle that is too low or too high.

Audio Volume

A decibel level of over 85 dB can be dangerous for human ears. Over time, strong audio volume damages and erodes the ability to hear.

In Conclusion

A user interface at military operator positions is very important for characterization before engineering and manufacturing a Rugged operator console for a ship or a mobile shelter. There are several crucial parameters, and they are listed in this article.

Compliance with all parameters will result in prolonged and normal work in front of the operator’s console. Beyond that, compliance with the parameters will preserve the operator’s health and prevent burnout over time.

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