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Ruggedized MFC Operator Console – Definition And Uses.

Ruggedized MFC operator console, Digitization in the armies and the defense systems have long since gone up a stage. All customers are looking for innovative, convenient and organized system interfaces. Special units innovate their technological solutions continuously and quickly. Within the technological changes, the world of UI and user consoles occupy a major part in planning a ruggedized operational system.

MFC operator consoles or Multi Function Consoles are used in a wide range of C4Isr solutions for operational systems at sea and on land.

These consoles are used for systems such as: sonar, electronic warfare, command and control and more.

The user of the combat ship or the ground system works alongside the system for long hours, therefore the organization is obligated to provide him with a suitable console.

Also, the consoles usually sit in narrow places with limited accessibility, therefore a dedicated console is required.

Compliance with the necessary environmental conditions and flexibility – the ability to adapt and change according to operational needs the hardware stored in the dresser.

When a customer is looking for the ultimate solution,

We recommend finding a system that allows flexibility in adjusting hardware.

Use of off-the-shelf hardware.

The development costs are high and when it is required to provide technical support for the console, it is very difficult to find spare parts.

Milrack Modular Console Workstations MFC operator console

In conclusion,

It is impossible to ignore the fact that UI systems require professional operator consoles, with long-term survivability and operational flexibility.

In order to improve the technological capability of the unit, we recommend fitting professional operator consoles.

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Milrack Ruggedized Solutions

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