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Space is running out! How to get a Success With Your Tactical Communication / Computing area.

The Problem

Military communication rooms in tactical areas are small (For ex: Naval ships, Tactical shelter, Tactical SUV, Airplane communication zone.) This problem will is here for decades and will stay as longer as computing will be increased (Average military 19″ rugged cabinet includes 10-15 military equipments that are critical for system survival and redundancy and for graphical, processing and technological needs). Therefore, the key factor here is doubled: From one hand, we (as system engineers) have a lot of computing needs. In the other hand, we must have put them all in to secure best graphical and processing skills. Although all the problems mentioned, We also need that all these tailored solutions (19″ Rugged Cabinets with dozen of hardware) will fit the pre-pared engineering space that built for communication area inside that tactical areas mentioned below and will last for decades by ruggedness and modularity. In the next chapters ahead, we will try (as easier as can) to present how to manage your space with cost-effective solution and quickest delivery terms.

“Connecting the dots”

We started this article by showing the problems on tactical rooms: Space, huge hardware needs, pre-pared communication zone.Rugged Cabinets


For the “space issue”, MILRACK can give you the most “one-of-kind” 19″ Rugged Cabinet – The “TOUGH-RACK” ruggedized 19″ rack. MILRACK “TOUGH-RACK”™ is Aluminum alloy 19” Rugged Cabinet, slim-fitted, High ruggedness and can last for decades on harsh environment. But this all isn’t important, our dot is SPACE. In the space issue, the “TOUGH-RACK”™ can be achieve in the smallest option for 19” Rugged cabinets in the world: 55CM width. Therefore, that’s will close the SPACE issue.

Huge Hardware needs:

When your are talking about huge hardware needs, you are talking on huge electric needs as well (We talked about 10-15 computers in every 19″ rugged cabinet – that’s mean We need 2-3 PDU with UPS redundancy and system redundancy).


MILRACK “TOUGH-PROFILE”™ is aluminum alloy profile, fully registered and made from our knowledge and project needs. This profile was made for three main key factors: slim-fit design (to get minimal width), rugged skills and modularity.

So, How does It is happen?

With simple “cage-nut”, you can install every 19″ PDU for all length of the profile. Easy & simple. In other accessories needs, to not steal space and still using your accessories, ask us for special mounting arm for 19-24″ rugged monitor arm for your 19″ rugged cabinet.

Pre-pared communication zone:

MILRACK is here with you!

Your project manager already made structure for his shelter? Your naval ship have small sqm communication room? Please contact us ASAP, We will tailor “TOUGH-RACK” 19″ rugged cabinet and will fit it to your communication area. Our mechanical department will review your needs, Help you with Solid-edge 3D programs and various of projects that we are dealing and will find you the best option to your needs.

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