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Tactical Gear Case

Tactical gear case for secure mobile communication – required capabilities. A secure communication system that is deployed during a military operation or during an experiment requires a ruggedized 19-inches transit Tactical Gear Case that will provide a full answer in terms of engineering flexibility, compliance with environmental conditions, light weight for transporting and lifting the case.

A portable system which is part of a 19-inch portable aluminum case is a system that is full of the most innovative technological applications and for that reason it is also necessary that the case that wraps them be innovative too.

What Are The 6 Key Abilities Required For Tactical Gear Case?

When choosing a portable case made of aluminum, the tactical gear case must be as light as possible. Beyond choosing lightweight materials,
it is required that the manufacturer who makes the case know how to combine unique engineering capabilities to provide the lightest and strongest case.

The cases should be cushioned internally by wire rope / elastomeric absorbers. Each tactical mobile case must meet the following environmental conditions: resistance to water and dust penetration IP-65, resistance to falling in accordance with the military standard MIL-STD-810F.

the system should include an I/O Panel accessible to all power, communication and computing connections that come from the infrastructure in the field.
The connections should be easy and fast and waterproof and dustproof IP-65.
The characterization of the panel will be carried out according to the needs of the project and the quantities of connectors needed.
You need to pay attention to the way the external infrastructure is connected – is it civilian connectors? Waterproof? Military standard?

The cases must be transported easily and comfortably in all terrain and road conditions.
If you chose wheels for the case – the wheels must be rigid and meet the required trail conditions.
The cases must include stackable capability. The test to check it, is by the following question: “Can 2 average soldiers lift and transport the system alone?”.

When assembling the technological system inside the mobile case, it is necessary to choose accessories that will help with easy work with the case in the field and fix the equipment in the most secure way.

  • Accessories that are fixed on the front rackmount only – will be placed on “L” hooks that will prevent the equipment from collapsing when shaking.
  • Accessories that require regular maintenance – we will anchor them on a drawer / shelf with removable rails that are resistant to the necessary environmental conditions.
  • The electrical and communication sockets (PDU’s and patch panels) will be fixed near the equipment to maintain order inside the case and for maximum accessibility.


The cases are in an operational area with a high erosion capacity. It is recommended to paint the 19 inches transit case according to MIL conditions with all the required processes – Drying, coating and paint thickness.

In addition, it is also important to pay attention to the coloring of the internal accessories – the shelves, supports, drawers and so on.

Tactical Gear Case Conclusion,

Choosing a mobile case for secure communications in the field is no small matter. It is necessary to choose a professional and high-quality manufacturer who will provide the case with the highest data for the benefit of the project.

These mobile cases are required to withstand many years, in extremely difficult weather conditions and 24/7 working conditions.
Pay attention to the data that appears above, they are important and have been carefully selected.

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