UAV Operator Vehicle – Europe

UAV Operator Vehicle – Europe

MILRACK finished full integration includes ergonomic engineering in new UAV operator vehicles project.  In the project,

MILRACK delivered 15 kits for famous UAV provider.


UAV world includes high computing and communication need in the front hand and in the other hand, UAV operator should have the full ergonomic environment ability.

So how we solved these issues in the fastest way?

The answer is just in project knowledge and doing the right steps to get great goals:

SRR (``System Requirements review``):

SRR (“System Requirements review”): achieving from customer all hardware and software inputs includes application survival need and environmental hardness propose.
The SRR includes full understanding based on 30 years of field knowledge how UAV operator vehicle supposed to work and which systems need to work with.

PDR (``Preliminary Design Review``):

PDR (“Preliminary Design Review”): after achieving all needs, MILRACK team used our best advantage in the military field – get the best engineering solution in high-speed and achieve full modular, ergonomic, and outstanding innovative solution.
MILRACK designed unique, compact rugged consoles with slim structural design that can achieve maximum hardware needs in minimum space – “real-estate” in small vehicles is most important!

CDR (``Critical Design Review``):

CDR (“Critical Design Review”): after getting all customer changes and updated needs we are going to main business – producing and assembly.

So now, let’s go: After approval final design, MILRACK produces all components includes in each vehicle: 2 rugged operator consoles, 1 main command and control console includes high computing needs, rugged monitors, A/V, Tactical VIDEO-WALL solution, and more.

MILRACK team provided the project to the customer in the fastest way – 4 weeks from order approval!

So how We have the ability to do it?
MILRACK established in 1988. From first idea, MILRACK (Subsidiary of RE.OU.EL Group) located in Israel, found the magical benefit of hardware knowledge with manufacturing skills. In our mind, Hardware knowledge / manufacturing ability itself isn’t enough – but together, the mixing is excellent!

Why excellent?
Because hardware abilities can achieve your project high-edge, “ready-to-market” engineering and in the other hand full manufacturing skills can achieve you this engineered solution to a real product “walking & talking”.
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