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C4ISR – Definitions of the concept and terms of use

So what is C4ISR?  it a very innovative concept that occupies a central place today in military and security systems.
It is known that for many years the army has been “drawing” knowledge from civilian systems in aspects of communication, computing, control, control, intelligence and more.
C4ISR brings together all these systems and allows the fighter in the field to know more with the help of leading and sophisticated technological aids.

C4ISR defines the communication, computing, command and control systems in military, security and special forces IT systems.
These systems come in a variety of possible configurations: command room, mobile command car, mobile shelter, naval systems on a combat ship, mobile micro system and more.

C4ISR allows forces to have an up-to-date situational configuration regarding the combat in the field.
If in the past, the forces would operate without technological means, today a fighting force cannot manage without means of command and control, communication and computing.
These systems help the fighter and his team to get the most out of preparing the battlefield before an actual encounter with the enemy.

Definately not.
C4ISR is also relevant to ongoing security systems.
Today, C4ISR is used by various military systems in maintaining the perimeter of the military base, guarding the maritime border with neighboring countries, gathering quality intelligence on the enemy during routine periods.

C4ISR grows, evolves and reshapes every short period.
The simulation systems, the VR systems and the imaging systems are developing.
The warrior in the field receives computing and wearable communication,
The rear control systems are small and become much more tactical and flexible.

Operational flexibility with a view to the future.
Following on from the previous question, we realized that C4ISR systems change every moment.
Therefore, the characteristics of the system are required to establish a system that is open in terms of upgrades and in the foreseeable future can also be changed and/or adapted to the new situation.

what is c4isr system

In conclusion,

A technologically advanced military needs an advanced C4ISR system both on the battlefield and at its home bases.
A quality C4ISR system allows the military to produce advanced operational significance for the future

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