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Advanced Engineering Services

Milrack provides diverse engineering and integration solutions to its customers. To facilitate the project manager, Milrack provides all solutions in one-stop-shop terms.

Contents In The Field Of Engineering:

Specific product adjustments

Milrack designs its products for the exact needs of the customer and the project.
With over 35 years of experience, Milrack has the ability to understand exactly what is right for the customer whether it is in a project for a marine system or a land system.

Engineering in the fields of rugged shock absorbed communication and servers cabinets and transit cases:

Engineering capabilities in MFC operator consoles simulators consoles.

Engineering capabilities in ergonomic technical furniture for command-and-control centers.

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Picture of Milrack Ruggedized Solutions

Milrack Ruggedized Solutions

Milrack is a manufacturer of ruggedized and industrial solutions in the command, control, communication and computing areas (C4i). The company has 35 years of experience, a rich background in military and defense programs.

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