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Milrack develops, designs, and manufactures support systems for its main products. As part of the services provided by the Milrack to its defense and military customers, the company provides monitoring, control and control systems for the system that is stored in the C4I console, or the rugged cabinet

Functions of monitoring and control system

the ability to switch off and on remotely on the operational network and to get informed when system is shut down / powered up.

monitoring, control, and diagnosis of whether the system has a uniform operating voltage, whether there are current jumps and possibly a voltage drops as a result of a total system failure.

Monitoring the percentage of humidity around the hardened computer cabinet and/or the dresser.
A high humidity percentage may damage the systems stored in the product.

consoles, security and alerting are more important than anything else.
Milrack’s monitoring, control and control system allows notification of opening and/or closing of doors including history.

All mentioned systems are working on SNMP secured network monitoring.

System operator can receive any system alert, history, logs on smart and innovative U/I. Our system architecture is open-based and can be integrate simply with any 3rd party software.

In conclusion, the world of C4I is advancing at a dizzying pace.

Valuable systems are stored in operator consoles and hardened server cabinets. Take care of a monitoring, control and control suit for your system and save unnecessary worries.

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Milrack Ruggedized Solutions

Milrack Ruggedized Solutions

Milrack is a manufacturer of ruggedized and industrial solutions in the command, control, communication and computing areas (C4i). The company has 35 years of experience, a rich background in military and defense programs.

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