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Milrack is specialized in customized electronic packaging solutions, dedicated for the Defense, Security and HLS sectors.

Milrack engineering and product designer team contain 15 skilled engineers from Mechanical, electrical and electronic worlds.
Milrack have the ability to produce combined solutions, include electronic packaging housing, electrical & electronical assemblies and designing and manufacturing.

Two ways for customization process:

Product  designer basement “COTS”: Milrack platforms are easily to configure, high modularity and can be made specifically to customer needs.
Full “tailor-made”: Milrack have the ability to invent with her customers brand new products specific for the customer application.

19″ hardware environment:

30 years of computing, communication, product design and multimedia systems knowledge, Milrack team contains skilled project managers from various military and civilian fields that worked on high capacity hardware requirements.
Milrack has the ability to produce every required 19″ solution includes all accessory needed, compliances (IP Index, EMI / RFI, MIL-STD etc.).
Milrack is specialized in Military, Heavy-weight and high-density racks includes outdoor and indoor solutions.
Milrack has the ability to provide cooling / heating solutions as well (water cooling / thermo-electric etc.).

Operator Consoles:

Industrial and military command and control rooms have been a critical area that managing joint applications with multi-discipline technologies and systems.
In these days, command workstations need to be with 24/7 ability, high finishes and strong with high MTBF.

Integrated bridge systems:

Milrack team working on bridge systems world-wide with various of bridge consoles OTS designs (“ready-for-mission”).
Milrack has the ability to supply turn-key bridge system includes all hardware needed (Excludes software*).

Technical Furniture:

Milrack has strong environment knowledge and case studies from the Lab, command & control, simulation worlds. In some projects Milrack team working with exterior human factors engineering companies to design and produce to the client the best solution as can.

Why choosing Milrack customization Product Design?

– Quick response from evaluation to product supply – 4-7 weeks (full assemblies are based on technical and technological requirements).
– Flexible engineering abilities – We able to do all customer wishes and stay cost-effective.
– 30 years of field knowledge in various Military & civilian projects on Defense, Security and HLS sectors.

Milrack team are waiting for your next challenge!

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