milrack Electronic Packaging manufacturer


In the 20th years celebration of DSEI 2019 at London, MILRACK Inc going to amaze you with all brand new features on facilities on our well known outstanding product line:

TOUGH247 – Rugged consoles series, multi-functional consoles designed especially for the harshest enviroments.
TOUGH-CASE – Aluminum 19 inches tactical case for military and fast deployment
TOUGH-RACK – the slimmest and hardest rugged cabinet in town!
SIM247 – first on show – our brand-new simulation console includes all AV and other hardware needs!
MILRACK hope to share with you our 30 years legacy in rugged solutions, share together the desire to produce the next high-solution for your needs.
MILRACK committed to here customers by insure that We are your ruggedized partner!