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Dynamic Tests and Analyses

In order to give a 360-degree solutions דto our customers, Milrack performs environmental tests and dynamic analyzes with selected international bodies which are approved by the leading security bodies.

The Type Of Tests And Analyses:

Dynamic analyzes

Performing analyzes in the areas of shock and vibration according to the accepted conditions and the required intensities. The analyzes are performed by the leading software in the military market and by qualified professionals with rich experience.

Thermal analyzes

When the customer is interested in positive thermal management which will bring his equipment to maximum capacity and maximum survivability.
Milrack performs thermal design and testing with the help of analysis.
The solution is very effective for: outdoor cabinets, Transit cases with air conditioning.

Environmental Tests

From the fact that Milrack is the developer and manufacturer of the product, The process of certifying the product to the required standard is the fastest and easiest.

The logistics management, the ability to change the product immediately for repeated inspection allows the client peace of mind in managing the project and working with one party – One stop shop.

The Types Of Tests That Milrack Performs For Its Customers

MIL-STD – all types of tests for vibrations, shocks with an emphasis on naval or ground systems. Inspection according to MIL in storage or working condition.

EMI/RFI – leakage test of electromagnetic waves from the product, which can cause interference to the system.
Very relevant in naval sonar systems, electronic warfare and more.

IP Index – examination of the product in terms of waterproofness and resistance to dust penetration.
The most common IP tested in the worlds of cases and consoles is IP65 or IP54.

Humidity – examination of compliance with a humidity percentage of 5-95% in most cases.

Working and storage temperature test – examination that the system knows how to withstand the necessary temperatures according to the operational settings and the field needs.

Most operational systems are required to withstand 20 to 60 degrees Celsius (working condition).

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In order to give a 360-degree solutions דto our customers, Milrack performs environmental tests and…

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Milrack Ruggedized Solutions

Milrack is a manufacturer of ruggedized and industrial solutions in the command, control, communication and computing areas (C4i). The company has 35 years of experience, a rich background in military and defense programs.

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