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Technical Furniture

Industrial and military command and control rooms have been a critical area that managing joint applications with multi-discipline technologies and systems.
In these days, command workstations need to be with 24/7 ability, high finishes and strong with high MTBF.

The Systems

communication room and extenders replaced the old box pc under the table.
These systems are need to be represent on the command and control consoles includes all the mass quantities of cables and hardware.
That’s why Milrack released her all new Royal Hawk series.

Royal Hawk

Royal Hawk technical furniture is a modular, autonomy C&C furniture series.
Royal Hawk series contains 31 years of field knowledge, extraordinary product design and sophisticated total look.
Royal hawk series working throw the ergonomic standards – ISO:11064 part 4.

Key points:

  • 19MM custom shaped H.P.L resin workstations
  • All around aluminum profile for quick and easy monitors mount and accessories connectivity.
  • Cable duct includes electricity and communication channels with H.P.L finish and easy-to-get back door for maintenance.
  • The control table contain full movement of cables from floor / wall.
  • Special and dedicated locked mini products shelves under the work desk.
  • The control console can contain 19″ rack / drawers / Pc storage.
  • Security lights upon request.
  • 1-6 monitors mount includes full cables movement throw the monitors mount.
  • Special connectivity on the monitors mount for Legrand mosaic outlets, includes 220V / Multimedia / communication outlets.



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Milrack is a manufacturer of ruggedized and industrial solutions in the command, control, communication and computing areas (C4i). The company has 35 years of experience, a rich background in military and defense programs.

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