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Tactical cases with A/C for short-range missiles vehicle

Tactical cases with A/C for short-range missiles vehicle – Africa


Issue to solve, was the hardware size against the available space that the client as on his vehicle (tactical vehicles known well by them small spaces availabilities).

Fourth issue, was to keep the total solution in IP Index of IP-65 at least.
Fifth issue, was to keep the all system with full EMI / RFI shield.
Sixth issue, was to manage the all case from outside without open the case for communication cables plugging.

Milrack total solution for the project:

Issue #1 – find rugged solution that can stand African ways environment

In the project, Milrack chose to use TOUGH-CASE solution.
TOUGH-CASE: 19-inches (19″) Tactical full aluminum rack-mount case series.
The answer is in the product series: Tough and fully approved rackmount rack (MIL-STD-810G & 4P Drop tested).

Issue #2 – Find A/C solution with the cooling capacity and rugged housing

Milrack used unique automotive OTS (“Off-The-Shelf”) A/C with 2KV cooling capacity (calculated needed cooling for the hardware in the rack).
Milrack engineering team equipped the A/C with special customized aluminum housing, and after producing the prototype, Milrack team checked the A/C with his absorbed case in third-party lab (vibrations and shocks test).

Issue #3 – Minimum space, Maximum hardware needs

In the project, the hardware needs were huge!
The customer asked for high-skilled computing abilities, unique communication architecture.
Milrack team chose to work with unique slides and with special two-sided way to make the rack with height of maximum 20U.

Issue #4 – Full IP-65 approval

Milrack engineering team were dealing with a quite hard issue.
How to keep the total shock mounted rack (includes the A/C) with Ip Index of IP-65 at least? (because the A/C need a way to” breathe”)
Milrack engineering team fully succeeded.
They invent special cutout that can give the A/C to breathe throw the case and in the same time keep him IP-65.
The total solution was tested on third-lab IP-65 and succeed with positive pass result.

Issue #5 – Full EMI / RFI shielding

The main issue that we chose our shock-mounted tactical rack for a vehicle instead of our TOUGH-RACK series (absorbed 19-inches cabinet) is because of the EMI/RFI challenge.
The TOUGH-CASE can be full EMI / RFI specially because of our unique home-made aluminum profile design.

Issue #6 – “Plug & Play” communication Panel

Milrack team had one more challenge – to manage all the communication outlets on special IP-65 panel with fully MIL-STD environment compliance.
Milrack team designed special communication panel and assembled all the Mil-grade connections and cables in the 19″ rack-mount case.

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