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Being a leader in innovation, market-readiness, and a complete achievement of customer wishes and targets

Quick supply, high reliability and cost-effectiveness of products which operate 24/7/365

We are here to change the traditional meaning of a ‘difficult area’ by delivering a collection of ruggedized products, their full logistics and quality assurance


MILRACK holds 35 years of knowledge & experienced. We specialize in production for various military fields like marine, land and air applications.
Our portfolio and product line contains 19” mount rack, 19″ Rugged Cabinets, 19″ Aluminum Tactical cases and rugged Simulator Operator Consoles.

MILRACK Products are made to survive tough different climate conditions, while suppling high-edge modularity and “first-in-line” technological capacities.


Royal-Hawk Technical Furniture

Industrial and military command and control rooms have been a critical area that managing joint applications with multi-discipline technologies and systems.

In these days, command workstations need to be with a 24/7 operation ability, high finishes, strong with high MTBF.


Customized Solutions

Milrack’s core capability is to customize advanced solutions and convert client’s ideas, goals, needs and requirements into their own unique military products.

Progressive engineering skills combined with elegant design lines allow us to develop and maintain modular, customized, top-notch solutions.

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Tactical cases with A/C for short-range missiles vehicle

Overview: Issue to solve, was the hardware size against the available space that the client as on his vehicle (tactical vehicles known well by them small spaces availabilities).

MILRACK is a 35 years old, family owned, Electronic Packaging manufacturer for Military, ruggedized and industrial communications and computing proposes


MILRACK (Subsidiary of REOUEL Group LTD)

REOUEL Group started from first idea, as Data & Telecommunication solutions provider by first release in Israel young tech market the first Fiber optic solutions and first cabling systems in Israel Market.

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